How to Create Effective Business Systems

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or manager, then you need to have systems put into place. This will help you to gain more freedom in your time, money and resources; so that, you are now working smarter and not harder. Plus, it gives you the opportunity for creating longevity and sustainability in your

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Part 5: Your Marketing Plan

Marketing Planning How Will Your Customers Find You? When it comes to your ideal customers it’s important that you are where they are, this way they can find you. Let’s say your service business is an on-sight service company, serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia; but you don’t market in that area.

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Part 3: Your Technology Plan

Technology Planning What Technology Will You Need? Whether you are an online or on-sight freelance service provider, in today’s times you will need to use various forms of technology to stay in business. You may get away with not using much technology in the beginning but for the long haul to stay in

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