Marketing Planning

How Will Your Customers Find You?

When it comes to your ideal customers it’s important that you are where they are, this way they can find you. Let’s say your service business is an on-sight service company, serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia; but you don’t market in that area. How will they be able to find you online and offline? 

Think again about your who and their “Whoville.” If you happen to be targeting Gen Z aka Generation Z, then you need to be on YouTube and SnapChat. So let’s list below the ways on how you can find your who and they find you.

  1. Referrals from “Circles of Influence” (Family, Friends, Collegues)
  2. Target audiences in social media platforms
  3. Publish relevant content (Videos, Podcasts, Articles, eBooks, etc.)
  4. Join, engage and collaborate in social media groups (FB, LI, Twitter)
  5. Research target audience and cold call or direct mail your ideal customers (if you cold call prospect check the DO NOT CALL Directory first).

What results are you looking to gain from your marketing. Is it brand awareness; is it more likes and followings? Are you looking to develop brand ambassadors or acquiring customers? Think about why your are marketing. Here are some examples below.

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Get more email subscribers
  3. Get more social media likes and followers
  4. Specific number of target leads in a given time period
  5. Specific number of targeted customers in a given period
  6. Specific number of direct mail pieces responding to promo code
  7. Etc.