Learning Planning

Who, What, When and How will you learn?

When it comes to developing a learning plan, its first and foremost for you to develop as the owner of your company or the CEO, CMO, or COO, etc. You will never go further and lead others than the knowledge you possess. In fact there is an ancient scripture that says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” Psalms 29:12. And then there is a famous quote that says, “You must keep on learning to keep on earning.”

So as you develop your learning plan, think about the best ways you learn and that of your stakeholders. Stakeholders can be your employees, sub-contractors, vendors, customers, etc.

What areas should you cover when it comes to learning? Personal development and professional development. Think about how you can develop as a leader or others. How to build certain skill sets; how to educate your community and your customers about information gaps in your industry, by answering their questions, etc. Develop a calendar year, quarterly plan and then monthly when gathering topics to cover.