Vision & Goals

What’s Your Big Why

The first important step when it comes to setting goals for the vision you have is knowing your Big Why. What is the motivation for you wanting to start your freelance or service business? What are the reasons for you wanting to invest the time, resources, and effort into building your freelance service business?

Your Vision

What does your ideal future look like? Think about the big picture of where you want to be one year from now. What does it not only look like, but sound like, smell like, feel like. Use as many senses as you can. Who is your ideal customer? If you’re great with numbers and like to do bookkeeping, will you be serving business owners? Or maybe you might consider being a tax accountant that could serve either personal or business. Knowing your who is important part in developing your big picture.

Your Strategic Goals

What are the necessary steps you need to take over the next twelve weeks to move you towards your vision? What are the steps over the next month, week and today? Examples to get you started is to consider giving your business a name and brand. Consider what type of identity you will assume. Will it be a sole proprietor, LLC- Partnership, Corporation, etc.? What about investigating the domain and social media names are available to complement your business name and brand. You can always start out as a sole proprietor and do business as an assumed name. And then later as you grow become another identity like LLC or an Inc.