Any Marketer:Entrepreneur, Employer, Employee, Emerging Expert, Can Have More Prospects, More Income, More Often by following the Step-By-Step System that HELPS Show You the Essential Elements When Creating Your
Personalized Marketing Service Guide

Have you ever heard the saying from Zig Ziglar, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”? Well that starts with you giving them your personalized marketing service guide.

By you creating your number one marketing tool, your helping your future customers, colleagues, co-workers, or companies find what they’re looking for to solve the pain, suffering or frustration they’re experiencing.

Your prospects are looking for answers that your personalized marketing service guide can provide by your becoming an educational marketer.

Your guide is about you, your industry, and your solutions in a way that shows them the value you have to offer by them doing business with you.


If you are not stepping up and standing out, you are losing your future prospects to your competitors who are. Your competitors are the ones who are leaving their mark on your prospects memory; this is done by showing the ways they can help solve their pain, suffering and frustrations by becoming their educational and equipping “professional.”

Not only are you losing future leads but you are also losing future income by not being the go to professional by having your own personalized marketing service guide.

Your number one marketing medium should be your personalized service guide to give to your family, friends, colleagues, customers, clients, co-workers, etc. So that, your sphere of influence will understand the value you can bring compared to that of your competitors.

Let’s just say in your sphere there are a number of people who are in the same services industry as you. Do you think your competition is going to be an exact fit for everyone in your sphere? Of course not. But if you don’t share what you have to offer and what makes you unique and brilliant, you leave them no choice but to go to your competitors.


Let’s talk about the benefits of your being the solution provider by showing them all the ways you can HELPS them in your personalized marketing service guide.

Let’s establish how you are going to provide solutions for them in the following ways in your systematic step-by-step guide:

• HSP Story
• Equipping For Success
• Leadership Guidance
• Presenting Offer
• Social Proof

Using these essential elements and benefits in your personalized marketing service guide, will build your prospects know, like, and trust factors of you, as you cover each benefit and solution in greater detail.

Also, having your own personalized marketing services guide might save your current clients, customers, co-workers, etc. going to your competitors who seem to be offering a better “deal.”

Having a guide like the one described here can help save your prospects the grief of knowing what to ask and look for when comparing and employing other service industry professionals to you and your company.


If you want to be that professional service guide that is etched in your prospects’ memory but feel stuck about the brilliance you have to offer, or lack the confidence on what should be included, I have a solution to help you go deeper when creating your own guide.

I have created a digital booklet that covers each of the essential elements that should be covered in your guide. This e-guide will help get your creative juices flowing when creating your own personalized marketing service guide.


When it comes to people looking for solutions to their pain, suffering or frustration, they’re asking, “How will you help me?”

Here are three main questions that most people will ask below:

1. What this person is describing, have they been able to do it for themselves or others?
2. Has this person been able to achieve the results they’re describing with themselves or others?
3. Will this person be able to teach me or help me have these kinds of results?

When you are creating your guide, it’s important to tell the transformational stories and testimonies of how your services/products/events, etc., have helped others.


You may read “How to Create Your Personalized Marketing Service Guide: A Step-By-Step System Maximizes Your Influence, Impact and Income,” by accessing that below, to give you the guideline on how to set one up.

You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing exactly what information you should be covering under each essential elements in your personalized marketing (service) guide that will give you an edge over that of your competitors absolutely FREE.


You have a decision to make. To have less customers and less money because your competitors are etched in your prospects’ minds as the professional who provides a go to guide to HELP Solves their problems. Or because you are deciding to take action by offering the number one marketing tool by creating your own personalized marketing service guide for your service industry.

Take the plunge today to have more customers, more sales, more influence more often by establishing your credibility and authority as the professional who is about educating, equipping and helping your prospects to employ with greater success by accessing your FREE sample guide today.