How to Apply for The Use A Pro Show

Majority of our professionals are referred by our community. If you or someone you know meets our criteria, please fill out or forward this page.


Must haves:
* The professional must have these to qualify as a professional Interviewee:

* Professionals must be an owner of their own business or contracted under a larger professional establishment. The professional must be active daily in their business profession.

* Served in their professional industry for 3+ years

* They’re licensed and/or certified in their industry

* Contracted, which means:
(a) Executed customers’ contracts successfully
(b) $100k+ in company revenue a year
(c) Steadily increasing in annual revenues

Who we prefer:
* Service-oriented companies ( Finance, Legal, Marketing, IT, Wealth Building, and Home Services, etc).
* Contributors to offer equipping resources to listeners at end of podcast who want to learn or know more (i.e. books, workshops, webinars, courses, etc.)

What to Pitch:
*Area of Expertise – pick up a relevant topic that highlights your area of expertise
*Problem & Solutions – typical problem the audience are looking to solve – and your solution
*Opinions – strong and contrarian opinion
*Inspiring Story – lessons learned, triumphs, how you did it

What to Offer:
*Must offer a “FREEium” (i.e. PDF Downloadable Recommend: Your Personalized Guide Here)

We need more:
* Ethnic professionals
* Professionals from different regions

Use A Pro Will NOT Compensate the interviewee for the use of Video/Audio or Text content that was created as a result of their participation in the podcasts/live streaming. Company has the right to use as desired for promotional, marketing, financial purposes on website(s) and third-party/social media channels. You and/or Your Company will be credited/showcased as the source of providing the informational content and a link to your contact info.

By filling out our application below, you have read and agreed on the terms and conditions of our COMPANY and site(s), guests posts/interview agreement and to use our helps-model as a guide and our recommended equipment for the interview.

And now to the interviewee form so you or someone you know can light their way in the their expertise knowledge today.