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Wendy Twine
Wendy TwineBusiness Operations Manager
Wendy Twine is the Co-founder and Manager of the Use A Pro Community Business Network. Wendy has primarily served in the home services background; as a home improvement contractor with her husband to a realtor in the residential arena for over twelve years.

Wendy’s mission now is to help small businesses online dreams come into reality through the aid of virtual assistants. Plus, those entrepreneruial people who have a desire to start their own business as a virtual assistant or increase their revenue streams by aiding others in their industry with VA Services.

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Your Name Here Digital Marketing Manager
Use A Pro is in need of a Digital Marketing Manager who can oversee various forms of marketing and develop a team for various marketing channels. Various forms of marketing most urgent are posting to social media channels and copywriting for various landing pages/lead generation materials for upcoming events.
Your Name Here
Your Name Here Content Development Manager
Use A Pro is in need of a Content Manager who can create and oversee a calendar of topic ideas. Plus, be able to create various forms of content and develop a team to develop and specialize in designated content channels. Examples of content creation are as follows: keyword research and topic ideas for blog posts, podcasts and courses, create pdf’s/ebooks for lead generation. Know how to repurpose and repackage content for purposes of creating revenue streams, etc.

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